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Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

Tourist magnate would be one of my first descriptions of London’s Sunday UpMarket at the old Truman Brewery. It is clearly an un-kept secret in London. One can see how the masses would be drawn to such an exciting market with close to 150 booths displaying wares such as hand-made jewelry, vintage clothing, trendy women’s wear and accessories, leather goods and unique styles for men. Then there is the famous culturally diverse food section with you name it … Sri Lankan, Thai, Ethiopian, Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, Brazilian and Caribbean foods at a price you can afford! The market is a big draw for the East London hipsters and was a totally enjoyable attraction for us more conservative types …

My favorite part of the day was wandering away from the crowds onto Hanbury Street and taking pictures of all the amazing street art. This one with two faces from opposing political parties by Ben Slow was one of my favorites. One from the English Defense League and the other from an Islamic extremist group.

Check out the link for some background on this street art.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

I was excited about this challenge because we are traveling overseas and I knew I would be taking a lot of photos. We are in Istanbul now and here is what I came up with … They sell the chestnuts as fast as they are arranging them on the heated surface. I would write more but I think it is about 12:30 am and we are getting up early tomorrow.
By the way, the chestnuts were delicious!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Geneva, Switzerland Fall 2011. After a long day of walking, the non-photographers were quite ready to relax with a cup of coffee. But not me. No, I was itching to run around and take more photographs. While they were settling in I slipped outside and, as my husband and friends sipped their coffee and enjoyed people watching through the window, quickly snapped another shot!
Afterwards, I did join in on the coffee break and happened to taste a delicious chocolate that was served alongside the coffee. Sweets and chocolates aren’t my thing, but I have to say that this truffle was fabulous. As it turns out, there was a gourmet food store downstairs where we enjoyed seeing beautiful displays as well as sampling exotic foods. And I was able to pick up a few of those chocolates! (If you are a chocoholic: Globus chocolates – Tarfuti dolci del Piemonte — Truffles douces du Piedmont)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

Cloud Gate, aka “The Bean” is a 110-ton stainless steel sculpture located in Millennium Park, Chicago. The surface is smooth and shiny and provides many unique reflections of the surroundings, tourists and the city’s skyline. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect from the sculpture but quickly found myself exploring and playing around with the distorted reflections that were reminiscent of a fun house of mirrors.

I couldn’t resist this photo op and was especially intrigued with the reflections bouncing off the inside of “The Bean.” In this picture, I was standing under the arch pointing the camera up and towards the center creating an image with a telescopic affect with many reflections of reflections. Fun!

I quickly learned why “The Bean” is one of the more popular photo spots in the city!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

I was really struggling with this challenge because the first thing that came to mind was tortilla chips. I love tortilla chips and far too often indulge in those salty delights … But, not happy with this choice, I figured I would give it more thought today while I was serving for Jury Duty. Might as well occupy my mind during those endless hours of waiting. Apparently, there was difficulty getting the case off the ground so we were excused early for lunch … we had an hour and a half of free time to wander around the town.

I came upon a Japanese restaurant and decided to treat myself by indulging in a wonderful lunch of sushi rather than the street vendor’s selection of scary hot dogs! To add to this hour of indulgence, I downloaded a couple of photo apps onto my cell phone and tried one for this picture. Obviously, it is not the most exciting picture in the world, but the enjoyment I got from consuming the sushi and fiddling around with the new apps make up for it!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

Sometimes it is nice to just sit down. Sit down and observe.

Testing physics …

Climbing down, very quickly

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