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Inspecting the Christmas stocking perhaps?

One day we received a phone call from our son informing us that “we” have a problem. A puppy was in trouble and needed a home. Never mind that our son is a college student living five hours away in an apartment that has a “no animals” clause in the lease. Inconvenient details that surely can be worked out. Parents can be won over and little sister can be bribed to help out! Problem solved.


CiCi is now a welcome addition to the family … and perfect timing.  We get to enjoy the puppy phase, the excitement when visitors arrive, the choice selection of clothes, shoes, and many other objects to nosh on … and then when she is all grown up and trained … well, you get the picture!  We love CiCi … she has brought a lot of unpredictability and immense joy to our family!

Early morning walk to the park


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