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Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Geneva, Switzerland Fall 2011. After a long day of walking, the non-photographers were quite ready to relax with a cup of coffee. But not me. No, I was itching to run around and take more photographs. While they were settling in I slipped outside and, as my husband and friends sipped their coffee and enjoyed people watching through the window, quickly snapped another shot!
Afterwards, I did join in on the coffee break and happened to taste a delicious chocolate that was served alongside the coffee. Sweets and chocolates aren’t my thing, but I have to say that this truffle was fabulous. As it turns out, there was a gourmet food store downstairs where we enjoyed seeing beautiful displays as well as sampling exotic foods. And I was able to pick up a few of those chocolates! (If you are a chocoholic: Globus chocolates – Tarfuti dolci del Piemonte — Truffles douces du Piedmont)


New Math: Adding positives can equal a negative!

(New Job + Travel + Puppy) = -Posts

Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

Cloud Gate, aka “The Bean” is a 110-ton stainless steel sculpture located in Millennium Park, Chicago. The surface is smooth and shiny and provides many unique reflections of the surroundings, tourists and the city’s skyline. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect from the sculpture but quickly found myself exploring and playing around with the distorted reflections that were reminiscent of a fun house of mirrors.

I couldn’t resist this photo op and was especially intrigued with the reflections bouncing off the inside of “The Bean.” In this picture, I was standing under the arch pointing the camera up and towards the center creating an image with a telescopic affect with many reflections of reflections. Fun!

I quickly learned why “The Bean” is one of the more popular photo spots in the city!

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