Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

I was really struggling with this challenge because the first thing that came to mind was tortilla chips. I love tortilla chips and far too often indulge in those salty delights … But, not happy with this choice, I figured I would give it more thought today while I was serving for Jury Duty. Might as well occupy my mind during those endless hours of waiting. Apparently, there was difficulty getting the case off the ground so we were excused early for lunch … we had an hour and a half of free time to wander around the town.

I came upon a Japanese restaurant and decided to treat myself by indulging in a wonderful lunch of sushi rather than the street vendor’s selection of scary hot dogs! To add to this hour of indulgence, I downloaded a couple of photo apps onto my cell phone and tried one for this picture. Obviously, it is not the most exciting picture in the world, but the enjoyment I got from consuming the sushi and fiddling around with the new apps make up for it!


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